Over the years, compressed gas cylinders have been providing SCBA users with a supply of fresh air.  The original cylinders were made of steel and quite heavy.  Today, advances in technology have enabled cylinders to become much lighter and less burdensome to the SCBA wearer.  
Scott offers a complete assortment of cylinders,  including the newest and lightest 5.5 cylinder, to meet the needs and demands of all SCBA users – aluminum cylinders for infrequently used SCBA to carbon-wrapped cylinders for daily use.  In addition, Scott Safety offers cylinders in 30’, 45’, 60’ and 75' durations.  

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Regulatory Approvals

Department of Transportation (DOT)
Transport Canada (TC)

Additional Product Information



Air-Pak 75 SCBA (NFPA 2013 Approved. Now Shipping!)

The Air-Pak 75 SCBA has been the leading SCBA used by first responders and municipal and industrial firefighters since its introduction in 2007. 



The Scott Safety RIT Pak III is the fire service industry’s first all-inclusive portable air supply system and the most comprehensive RIT system available on the market.


Hush Air Compressor

The quietest Breathing Air Compressor in the market, featuring our Fresh Air Purification system and Scott Safety X4 Controller.

Simple Air Compressor

A cost effective Breathing Air Compressor that is a complete compressor assembly. Features our Fresh Air Purification System and Scott Safety X4.


RevolveAir Charge Station

The fastest fill station in the market provides maximum safety and performance, simultaneously charging (2) BAC’s within the protective chamber while two BAC’s are exchanged on the outside of the chamber.


Guardian Charge Station

This economical unit is a complete, total containment breathing air cylinder charge module designed with many unique safety features.