Controllers - 7600 Series

The 7600 Controller centralizes the display and alarm processing functions in critical multi-point gas and flame detection applications. its modular design integrates easily with up to 6 gas or flame detectors and is available in a fiberglass NEMA-4X enclosure, a cast aluminum NEMA-7 explosion proof enclosure, as well as panel mount and 19" rack mount configurations. as your needs grow, the drop-in i/o boards of the 7600 controller make upgrading the unit in the field quick and inexpensive.
Robust analog and MODBUS I/O capabilities. depending on the specific configuration chosen, the 7600 Controller can accept four different types of programmable alarms include on/off delays, rising and falling operation, and can be operationally “zoned” in accordance with each facility’s integration needs. The 7600 Controller features a modular plug circuit board design.

  • Integrates with up to 6 points of gas or flame detection
  • Available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of most industries
  • Compatible with 4-20mA  and MODBUS
  • Four  types of programmable alarms
  • Freedom Direct compatible


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