Air Supplied Technician Training- EN Products

Scott Safety offers the Air Supplied Technician EN class in the Americas. This class covers all EN certified respirators. The EN class is offered in Monroe, Houston, and Latin America. Gaining this certification authorizes you to perform technician level repairs on all Scott EN respirators. This training includes hands-on instruction on how to properly inspect, repair, and test all Scott EN SCBA. Required agreements must be completed prior to registering for this program.​

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Important Notes
1. A submitted enrollment form does not guarantee a seat in the class. If approved, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment. 
2. Scott Plus and Service Passport access will only be granted after successful completion of training program.
3. If you are interested in Specialist Level training please contact your Scott Safety distributor.
4. It is required that before attending the Technician Level training class, you must first attend a Specialist Level class to obtain a basic knowledge of the SCBA and its functions.
5. If you are attending a class at the factory training facility (Scott University), we will be completing a tour of Scott’s manufacturing facilities. Please be sure to wear appropriate attire, including closed toe shoes, sleeved shirts, and long pants. Safety glasses will be provided. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Completion of Programs
Each person successfully completing a program will be awarded a certificate showing his or her accomplishment. Certificate requirements vary depending on the program attended. Each candidate must demonstrate a basic understanding of theory of operation through both hands-on use and a written, closed book exam to successfully complete any of the Technician Level Training Programs.
  • Class Length:
  • 2 days
  • Class Type:
  • Class Room
  • Class Prerequisites:
  • Certification Earned Upon Completion:
  • Scott Certified Air Supplied Technician- EN Products
  • Class Syllabus:
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