Air Supplied Specialist Certified Trainer Course-Americas

This program is a two-day course designed to certify trainers to deliver the SCOTT Air Supplied Specialist Level Training Course. The specialist level course is designed for end users who want to perform basic repairs on their equipment or for technicians as a pre-requisite to the Air Supplied Technician Level Training Course. 

Day 1 of the course, consists of going through the Air Supplied Specialist Program, which consists of hands-on activities and practical exercises.  On Day 2, trainers will review key adult learning concepts and will be required to train students on one course objective.  To obtain our trainer certification certificate, trainers must demonstrate competency on all hands-on activities, show their expertise with items listed in SCOTT’s recommended operational and maintenance manual, prove they are able to consistently transfer course information to students, and pass the course assessment. 

Program Goals

·         Guide end users on proper equipment maintenance, which will help to extend the product's life
·         Help end users reduce cost of ownership by showing them how to perform repairs on their equipment
·         Recommend techniques for improving equipment turnaround time
·         Support end users by providing them SCOTT product and industry knowledge

Benefits of Becoming a Trainer

·         Provide end users with a value-added experience that will help you to increase customer loyalty to your organization
·         Improve customer satisfaction with SCOTT products and your organization by showing customers how to properly use and service SCOTT respiratory products
·         Connect with customers and learn from their experiences with SCOTT products
·         Strengthen your skills and SCOTT product knowledge
Recommended Audience
By Scott Safety invitation only. If you are interested, contact your local Scott Safety Field Service Representative.
Course Duration Time
16 hours (two days)
Please Read Regional and Factory Requirements Carefully Before Registering
A submitted enrollment form does not guarantee a seat in the class. If approved, you will receive confirmation of your enrollment.
Regional Sessions:
·     Regional sessions (field courses not conducted at our Factory) require that you bring your laptop, SCBA equipment, specific tools, materials, and solutions. Contact your instructor for the course requirements.
·     Regional sessions may have different start and end times. Make sure to verify the start and end times with the session instructor.
Factory Sessions (Scott University):
·     Sessions held at our factory do not require for you to bring your SCBA equipment, or any tools or materials; however we do require that you let us know which SCBA you would like to work on before arriving.
·     In addition, we like to take students on a tour of Scott’s manufacturing facilities. Please be sure to wear appropriate attire, including closed toe shoes, sleeved shirts, and long pants. Safety glasses will be provided.
·     If you are visiting us from outside of the United States, please make sure to complete the International Visitor Form in the time indicated by our Factory Instructor to avoid delays in approving you into the class.
We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
  • Class Length:
  • 2 days 8:00AM till 5:00PM (Scott University) - Note: Regional class length and start/end times may vary according to location. Contact the Instructor of each class session for specifics.
  • Class Type:
  • Class Room
  • Class Prerequisites:
  • Anyone who has been employed for at least two years with SCOTT SAFETY, SCOTT ASC, SCOTT IRC, SCOTT Sales Distribution Network or SCOTT Approved School Academy or anyone who has at least one year of experience as a SCOTT Certified Technician.
  • Certification Earned Upon Completion:
  • Scott Certified Air Supplied Specialist Program Trainer
  • Class Syllabus:

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