NEW! Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA

Introducing the Air-Pak X3 Pro SCBA, offering cleanability, comfort, and connectivity, while providing compatibility with the upcoming NFPA 2018 standards.

Air-Pak X3 SCBA

The Air-Pak X3 SCBA was designed to exceed the new requirements outlined in the 2013 edition of the 1981 and 1982 standards, and to exceed customer expectations for what an Air-Pak SCBA should be.

Air-Pak 75 SCBA

The Air-Pak 75 SCBA has been the leading SCBA used by first responders and municipal and industrial firefighters since its introduction in 2007. 


Air-Pak SCBA NFPA 2013 Upgrade Kits

Upgrade your legacy model Air-Pak SCBA to the most current edition of the NFPA 1981 and 1982 standards with our new NFPA 2013 Compliant Upgrade Kits. The kits provide a lower cost alternative to purchasing new SCBA.


The ISCBA SCBA provides superior IDLH-level respiratory protection in non-fire related environments for most day-to-day industrial applications and is suitable for stand-by respiratory protection.

Air-Pak 75i SCBA

The Scott Safety Air-Pak 75i SCBA is a NIOSH-approved SCBA designed with durability, dependability and user-focus in mind.


The Scott ACSi SCBA is a NIOSH-approved SCBA for use in non-fire related, industrial applications.  

RIT-Pak Fast Attack

​Small and lightweight, this compact solution for rapid entry and air replenishment provides speed and efficiency when locating and assessing a downed firefighter. 


The Scott Safety RIT-Pak III is the fire service industry’s first all-inclusive portable air supply system and the most comprehensive RIT system available on the market.


The SWAT-Pak SCBA provides SWAT personnel, requiring optimum respiratory protection in stealth operations, a reliable state-of-the-art system that is based on the technologies of the Scott Air-Pak line of SCBA's.

EZ-Scape Pro™ Integrated Self-Rescue Belt

Scott Safety developed the EZ-Scape Pro™ Integrated Self-Rescue Belt to improve performance and provide greater versatility on the fireground. The belt is lighter, quicker to deploy, and is equipped with an NFPA 1983 attachment point.

EZ-Scape Self-Rescue Belt

As a firefighter, you risk your life every day, entering intense and unpredictable situations. While any fire is dangerous, there’s far more potential for injury in multiple story buildings.  



Scott offers a complete assortment of cylinders, including our newest and lightest 5.5 cylinder, to meet the needs and demands of all SCBA users.