SWAT teams not only need reliable respiratory protection, but also need an SCBA specifically designed for optimum protection in stealth situations. Its unique black design, in combination with Scott’s time-tested SCBA componentry, provide protection during high risk search and rescue operations, hazardous chemicals or biological environments.


  • Tactile advantage in breathing air support
  • Time-tested, fire-proven Scott Air-Pak SCBA components
  • Unique all black design
  • Redundant pressure reducer with automatic back-up
  • Tactile feel end of service indicator (EOSI)
  • Black hardware and cylinder bag
  • Lightweight cylinder options in 2216 and 4500 psi, 30, 45 and 60 minute durations
  • Interface with all Scott communications
  • Options include EBSS with 6" hose and pouch, Quick Charge, extended airline, and hard or soft case
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