Mobile Air-Cart

The Scott Mobile Air Cart is a compact portable air source that accommodates two cylinders, providing an uninterrupted supply of breathing air for up to four users for several hours (by rotating cylinders). It also has a high-pressure inlet source that allows the use of a compressor or cascade system as the primary air source. Scott’s Mobile Air Cart can accept 2216, 4500, or 5500 psi cylinders in 30, 45, 60, or new 75-minute durations. Also available are two optional independently regulated ports for tools or other low pressure devices.

  • Portable, lightweight air supply with large wheels and a low center of gravity for ease of mobility and maneuverability
  • Loud, pneumatic whistle end-of-service indicator for clear, audible alarm indicator of low cylinder pressure
  • High Pressure Inlet Supply Connector provides the ability to utilize a high-pressure supply such as a compressor or cascade system
  • Easily accessible Connections for ease of operation and ease of use
  • Fail-Safe -Open, Sealed regulator on respirator supply side for dependable, reliable  adjustment of outlet pressure
  • Optional tool supply outlets with Checked Tool Supply Outlets provides the ability to supply up to two air powered tools while preventing cross contamination of respirator manifold
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TRC-1 Air-Cart

The Scott TRC-1 Air Cart portable air source provides an uninterrupted supply of breathing air for up to eight users simultaneously.



Scott offers a complete assortment of cylinders, including our newest and lightest 5.5 cylinder, to meet the needs and demands of all SCBA users.