Eagle Imager 320 Thermal Imaging Camera

Since the introduction of thermal imaging technology to the fire service, Scott Safety has been a leader in providing the most advanced, fire-ground proven thermal cameras to first responders for use in search and rescue, overhaul operations, and hot spot identification. Now, Scott Safety adds to its family of thermal cameras with the new Eagle Imager 320 – a step ahead in thermal imaging technology with the trusted name of Scott behind it.
 The Eagle Imager 320 camera’s on-screen temperature readout (in either °F or °C) is standard with both a digital and a bar graph indicator. Temperature awareness colorization (TAC) identifies temperatures in certain ranges (yellow > 200°F, orange > 500°F, red > 800°F), providing the user with color-based visual indicators that help a firefighter quickly analyze the environment, while providing a clear grey scale image for the rest of the objects in view. The Max Temp indicator, displayed in all operating modes, identifies the temperature of the hottest object within the camera’s viewing area. An overhaul mode identifies background temperatures above the median to assist with hot spot localization. Spot temperature measurements are easily interpreted with the bar graph and digital temperature readouts.
New TAC Mode - Identifies temperatures in certain ranges by color New Overhaul Mode - Identifies background temperatures above the median to assist with hot spot localization Max Temp Indicator - Identifies the temperature of the hottest object within the area New Icon Indicators - Eliminates confusion over text misinterpretation Tumble Tested - Continuously for over thirty minutes Improved Drop Performance - Achieved test rating of over 6 feet on all axis

  •  Dependable New A-Si Technology
  •  Twist-Change Battery & Quick, Simple Hand-Off
  •  Large LCD Display with Zoom
  •  Tactile 2-Button Control
  •  On-Screen Temperature Readout
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Scott Safety recommends thermal imaging training like that offered by Safe IR.