Light Decontamination System

​The Light Decontamination System is a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) product ideal for Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) decontamination operations, offering the end user true interoperability via a multi-chemical payload approach. A man-portable backpack system the LDS delivers 4 litres of atomised chemistry driven by a 300 bar air cylinder. The technology comes certified to the European Pressure Equipment Directive and is based around the delivery of aerosolised chemistries that behave like a gas and will rapidly decontaminate all Line of Sight (LOS) and Non Line of Sight (NLOS) chemical and biological contaminants i.e. applicable to both airborne and surface decontamination. The system is also capable of delivering polymeric and high viscosity materials suitable for radiological tie down applications. The Light Decontamination System​ is principally designed for interior decontamination e.g. critical and iconic infrastructure, airport buildings, hospitals, underground facilities, buildings and rooms in general, containers, storage facilities, aircraft and ships holds, vehicles and so on.


What’s different about the Light Decontamination System?

  • Universality - Use of any decontaminant chemistry (aqueous, powder or just water). This supports a tailored ‘Dial a Decon’ response to specific CBRN or TIC/TIM hazards.
  • Science & Technology Life Cycle Advantages - The equipment also represents an enduring host to future more effective chemistries that may developed e.g. improved decontaminants and ‘disclosure’ chemistry that will precisely identify contamination.
  • Encapsulation - Use of polymeric chemistry to coat and tie down any hazardous particulate, including radiological and biological.
  • Modular - Man portable ‘first response’ version with remote control options for complex architecture operations
  • Flexibility and Safety - Ability to remotely operate both systems’ by using either a linear or 360 nozzle, that can be mounted on a robust, lightweight, collapsible tripod.
  • Hazardous Vapours - Ability to neutralize volatile and toxic vapours.
  • Low Logistic Burden - 1 Litre of liquid will fill a space of 40 cubic metres (generated surface area ~2500m2).


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