Protégé Portable Multi-Gas Monitor

The Protégé multi-gas monitor uses a Tri-Alarm warning system. The Protégé provides warning in hazardous conditions through dual bright red LED visual alarm, piercing 90dB (@15cm) audible alarm and vibrating alarm for noisy and harsh environments.
The glove tested Protégé has a simple two-button operation which makes calibration and basic operation simple. Its robust construction survives drops while being dust-tight and immersion-resistant.
The Protégé has a lithium ion battery pack which provides an 18 hour run time without a pump (diffusion mode) and a 12 hour run time with a pump.

  • Compatible with several "must have" accessories, including the multi-charger, pump kit and masterdock.
  • Heart beat visual display confirming monitor is on
  • Continuous readout of gas concentrations
  • Audible,visual and tactile alarms
  • IP67 Rated
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Regulatory Approvals


Part Numbers

PRO-111111 Confined Space Kit
PRO-112212 O2/LEL/CO/H2S Gas Monitor kit
PRO-212212 O2/LEL/CO Gas Monitor kit
PRO-312212 O2/LEL/H2S Gas Monitor Kit
PRO-412212 O2/LEL Gas Monitor Kit
PRO-512212 LEL Gas Monitor kit

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